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Residence permit in Georgia
Many people know that obtaining a residence permit in Georgia is quite simple. However, a number of nuances exist. In our new article, we will talk about how to get a residence permit and what gives this status.
In July 2019, the law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons” was amended in Georgia - now legal relations related to obtaining a residence permit (permit) are regulated by this edition, and the control text is fixed as of March 30, 2021.

A residence permit (permit) is a residence permit issued for a fixed period. To obtain such a permit, a foreigner must meet statutory criteria or fulfill a certain set of conditions.
How is a authorization of residence in Georgia different from a residence permit?
Even in this article, the terms “residence permit” and “authorization of residencet” are used as synonyms. In fact, they imply each other. First, a foreigner receives a residence permit, and according to it, within a month, he is obliged to obtain a residence permit. From a legal point of view, a permit is a certificate, and a residence permit is a certificate.
Types of residence permit in Georgia
In fact, there are a fairly large number of options for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia. We will start this article with information about obtaining a residence permit by investment and when buying a property. And then we will list other ways.
A residence permit, like any other document, is issued in just an hour at the House of Justice
Residence permit in Georgia when buying real estate
A temporary residence permit in Georgia is obtained by foreigners who own real estate worth more than $100,000 (in lari, at the official rate).

The residence permit is granted for one year, after which it is extended if the right of ownership of the property is retained. All the necessary databases are synchronized and you do not need to provide any references.

The initial assessment of the value of the property must be carried out by an appraiser accredited by the "Unified National Center for Accreditation". When extending a residence permit, it is not necessary to confirm the value of the property.
A residence permit in Georgia is also obtained by close relatives of the owner of real estate - his spouse and minor children.
Information is often found on the Internet that in order to obtain a residence permit in Georgia, it is enough to purchase real estate for $ 35,000. This is outdated information - the required property value has increased as of July 5, 2019.

If a foreigner owns a property worth more than 300,000 dollars (in lari, at the official exchange rate), he receives a residence permit for investors and after five years can receive a permanent residence permit. The same applies to his close relatives. However, we will talk about this below.
Residence permit in Georgia for investors
Being a dynamically developing state, Georgia willingly accepts foreigners on its territory who are ready to invest in the country's economy. One of the measures to support such persons is the provision of a residence permit for the purpose of investment activities.
To obtain an investor residence permit, you need to invest at least $300,000 in Georgia (the amount is calculated in lari, at the official rate). This right is provided for by the Law of Georgia on Support and Guarantees for Investment Activities.
A residence permit in Georgia can also be obtained by members of the investor's family - his spouse, minor children and elderly parents who are completely dependent on the investor.

"Investor residence permit" is also received by the owner of a property in Georgia, the market value of which exceeds $300,000 (the amount is calculated in lari, at the official rate). Agricultural land is an exception.

The permit is issued for a year and is renewable as long as the foreigner owns the said property. You do not need to revalidate your assessment every year.

A foreigner who has a residence permit for investors has the right to obtain a residence permit for a period of five years - for this, he needs to show an income exceeding 50,000 dollars (in lari) per year during this entire period.
After five years, the investor can obtain a permanent residence permit in Georgia.
To do this, he needs to show income in excess of $50,000 (in lari) in the first year of residence, more than $100,000 in the second, and more than $120,000 in the third, fourth and fifth. If the corresponding amount is shown for other family members, they also receive the right to receive a permanent residence permit in Georgia.
We will tell you everything about residence permit in Georgia
Alternative ways to obtain a residence permit
in Georgia
As we mentioned above, there are many ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia. Like most small countries, Georgia supports the return of compatriots to their homeland, provides a simplified regime for obtaining a residence permit for close relatives of Georgian citizens and foreigners who already have a residence permit in the country, and also helps people whose rights and freedoms are under threat, including victims of trafficking, domestic violence and, of course, political persecution.

In particular, Georgia is one of the countries that have sheltered thousands of Belarusians, for whom life in Belarus itself has become dangerous.
Residence permit in Georgia for the purpose of employment
If a citizen is sent to Georgia to do business or work in a Georgian company, he can obtain an appropriate residence permit. For registration of documents, you need to provide a document confirming the implementation of activities, and a certificate of income. It is necessary to confirm that the income of the applicant is at least five times higher than the subsistence level in Georgia.
Georgia is one of the most loyal countries in terms of work with documentation
If a person is going to work in a company registered in Georgia, its turnover must exceed 50,000 GEL for commercial structures and 35,000 GEL if the employer is engaged in medicine or education. 35,000 lari is approximately 900,000 Russian rubles.

If the company employs several foreigners, the required turnover is multiplied by the number of employees. To hire 10 foreigners, the medical center needs its official turnover to exceed 350,000 GEL per year.
Residence permit for students
If a foreigner receives education in an educational institution authorized by the state on the territory of Georgia, he automatically receives a residence permit for the entire period of study.
Residence permit for family reunification
You can get a residence permit of this type if a relative of a foreigner already has a residence permit in Georgia and is already living in the country.
Residence permit for former citizens of Georgia
This type of residence permit is granted to citizens of Georgia who, for some reason, have been deprived of their citizenship (including in connection with the transition to the citizenship of another country).
Residence permit in Georgia for stateless persons
If a person is recognized as a stateless person in Georgia, he can obtain a residence permit of this type.
Special residence permit for victims of human trafficking
Georgia actively fights against trafficking (“trafficking in human beings”). If the authorities have reason to believe that a foreigner may be a victim of human trafficking or a victim of such a crime, the person acquires the right to obtain a residence permit in Georgia.

In addition, a member of the Government of Georgia can apply to the migration services of the country with the initiative to issue a temporary residence permit in Georgia - in this case, a residence permit will also be granted.
Residence permit for victims of domestic violence
Georgia is one of the countries that grant temporary residence permits to foreigners who are victims of violence against women and domestic violence. At the same time, applicants must comply with the requirements of the Law of Georgia “On the suppression of violence against women and (and) domestic violence, protection and assistance to victims of violence (Law No. 779 of May 04, 2017).
Permanent residence permit for close relatives of Georgian citizens
If a foreigner is a spouse or minor child of a citizen of Georgia, or (vice versa) a parent of a minor citizen of Georgia, he has the right to obtain a permanent residence permit in Georgia (permanent residence permit). To exercise this right, a foreigner must legally (with a residence permit) live in Georgia for at least 10 consecutive years.

At the same time, periods of residence in the country for study, also in connection with treatment or diplomatic work, are not considered.
Assistance in obtaining a residence permit
in Georgia 
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