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Investments in real estate in Georgia
in 2022
Georgian resorts annually occupy leading positions in prestigious ratings, the beaches of Adjara are nominated for several top cleanest beaches in the world at once, the tourist flow to the country has been growing annually for several years.
In the resort Batumi, there are more than one hundred thousand apartments and apartments in buildings under construction for sale - this is investment housing, the market of which in the west of Georgia is also experiencing an unprecedented rise.

Capitalists are attracted by comfortable jurisdiction, high profitability and the possibility of prompt sale of objects at quite market prices. Is the Georgian economy really attractive for an investor? Let's figure it out!
Access to the sea in Batumi and the cleanest beaches of the suburban area - Gonio
Real estate in Georgia through the eyes
of an investor
Before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the owners of apartments and apartments in Georgia felt at ease - the country's tourism market was growing at an unprecedented pace. It was then that a real boom in real estate investment began. Particularly popular were apartments in Batumi and Tbilisi, as well as in the area of the ski resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani, in historical Kakheti, as well as in Kobuleti and Gonio - on the Black Sea coast.

The growth in the cost of investment housing was supported by an even stronger increase in demand for rentals.
Apartments in Batumi on the first coastline
By April 2020, Georgia, previously prosperous in terms of the epidemiological situation, was faced with COVID-19 - the authorities were forced to declare a state of emergency.
Demand for real estate in Tbilisi immediately sank significantly. The situation in Batumi has not changed much - local developers have confidently sold real estate remotely before, including for cryptocurrencies.
Even though COVID-19 ended up in Georgia, it generally did not affect the real estate market
In fact, the virus bypassed Georgia - by autumn, the real estate market recovered, and in November its growth even broke the record of the previous year, although in absolute terms, sales fell by 8% compared to last year. Economy-class housing became the locomotive, demand for which grew by 14% against the backdrop of a decrease in sales of middle-class apartments and apartments (by about 25%) and in the premium segment (somewhere by half). Sat down and the secondary real estate market, where housing is generally not bought for investment purposes.

The cost per square meter of residential real estate in Georgia has also decreased. In new buildings in Tbilisi, the average meter fell by 5% (to $671). International experts predicted a further fall (especially for inexpensive apartments and apartments), but the market held out - the borders began to open, the tourist flow in 2021 almost recovered.
The developers of the Black Sea coast of Georgia did not slow down at all - real estate in Batumi was confidently sold all the time, and the cost of elite villas in Gonio, for example, grew in price by 25-30% annually
The largest developers creating the image of modern Georgia - both tourist and business
How to invest in real estate in Georgia
Real estate market professionals are confident that 2022 is one of the best opportunities to purchase real estate in Batumi and Tbilisi at relatively calm market prices. New records are expected from the tourist flow, which means that square meters in popular destinations among travelers will only grow in price.
The very tourist centers of Tbilisi and Batumi that travelers love so much
First of all, we are talking about real estate in Batumi and Tbilisi, Kakheti, Gonio, Bakuriani and other popular places. You can view potentially promising areas for investment on, and choose a property with the help of X2Realty managers by leaving a request on our website.
Let's talk about investing in Georgia
Investments in the hotel sector and apart-hotels
in Georgia
Having established a visa-free regime with most countries of the world, the government of Mikheil Saakashvili planted a time bomb - it annually blows up records of the popularity of Georgia's tourist destinations.
All the largest hotel chains on the planet are actively strengthening their presence in the market – Hyatt, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Wyndham and many others
Some networks build several large objects at once (especially in the resort Batumi). Investors are provided with excellent opportunities to purchase apartments with sea views, and even under the management of the world's leading hotel brands.
Many of the developers guarantee a return on investment at the level of 8-15% per annum - and this is without taking into account the positive dynamics in the value of the property itself.
To conclude a contract, a contribution of 20% (sometimes less) is enough, while the loan is more like an installment plan and the increase in the value of the purchased object quickly outstrips interest on it. At the same time, the installment plan is relatively easy to provide, including to non-residents of Georgia. Banks understand that real estate in Georgia now has unprecedented liquidity.
TBC — leading bank in Georgia. In 2014, the bank raised $239 million in an IPO on the London Stock Exchange, with a market value of $640 million. This IPO was the largest in Georgia.
Investments in suburban real estate in Georgia and the private sector
Despite the low cost of land and stunning nature, cottage settlements are still poorly developed in Georgia. At the same time, existing projects show implausible growth.
The cost of European Village cottages in Gonio (an environmentally friendly suburb of Batumi) in 2019-2020 showed an increase of 25-30% per year, and the developer is ready to take on the loading of villas by tenants and guarantee the investor an additional 8-12% per annum.
It is also possible to buy suburban real estate in the private sector, and there are many good offers on the market at reasonable prices, however, the investor will have to deal with the rental of objects on their own or hire Georgian specialists, which can be a difficult task, primarily due to the huge demand for tourism professionals. market.
In many ways, this demand is deferred, because dozens of large apart-hotels and hotel complexes are being built in the same Batumi. That is, in the next few years, the difficulties with personnel for tourism in Georgia will only intensify.
In general, speaking of suburban real estate, you should definitely pay attention to the objects that the developer's management company is ready to deal with. X2 Realty specialists have prepared a catalog of such objects – request it via WhatsApp or through any feedback form on our website.
Investment in office space in Georgia
Georgia has created excellent conditions for doing business, the state does its best to support the migration of freelancers and technology entrepreneurs (start-ups) to the country - they have a simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit and many other preferences.
The most promising, of course, are offices in Tbilisi, the only city in the country with a population of more than a million people (in 2020 - 1.15 million). Even offices in peripheral areas of the Georgian capital can bring in a stable income.
It makes sense to pay attention to the Batumi office space market. Despite the relatively small population (approximately 170 thousand people), the city's location on the Black Sea coast and modern architecture make the city attractive for entrepreneurs moving to Georgia. Undoubtedly, this trend will not only continue in the coming years, but will intensify.
Office premises are also available in some Batumi hotel complexes under construction (for example, as in the photo, in the Wyndham Residence Batumi hotel complex) - thus, you can somewhat differentiate real estate investments by purchasing premises for various purposes in the same complex.
In addition, entrepreneurs from other countries migrating to Georgia will certainly appreciate the opportunity to rent both an office and housing at the same time. X2Realty brokers will select the best offers for the purchase of office space in Batumi, Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia. We will organize your arrival in the country or remote viewing of objects, prepare all the necessary documents and quickly complete the transaction.
Our task is to make your investment not only profitable, but also comfortable.
Investments in commercial real estate
in Georgia
The growing tourist flow and the migration of entrepreneurs to the country directly affects the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia, primarily trade and catering, as well as the service sector.

Commercial premises in the largest cities of the country (Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi) can bring a stable income to the investor and gradually increase in price (though perhaps not as dynamically as residential real estate).
Commercial premises can be bought both in old districts and in complexes under construction. Many of them not only sell built-in premises on the ground floors, but also designed special shopping galleries and malls, food courts and other commercial areas.
The creative cluster Fabrika has already won the first place in the list of the most relevant and fashionable places in Tbilisi. There are many cafes and various commercial areas.
Income can be derived not only from the rental of premises, but also due to the steady growth of the real estate itself, and the rapidly developing market ensures high liquidity of such assets.

As in the case of flats and apartments, commercial real estate in complexes under construction can be purchased with a small down payment with the involvement of Georgian banks - especially when it comes to installments for the period of building a house.
Investments in real estate under construction
in Georgia
Real estate under construction is one of the locomotives of the market. In many ways, this is due to the comfortable terms of installments from developers and local banks. A significant influencing factor is the high dynamics of development of new areas. First of all, we are talking about Tbilisi and Batumi, to a lesser extent - about Kutaisi and Rustavi.
At the same time, the demand for ready-made housing in new houses can be considered confident - most of the objects are sold at prices not lower than market prices. Batumi is the real Mecca of investment in housing under construction. It is the second most populated (after Tbilisi) and the third largest city (after Tbilisi and Kutaisi) in Georgia.
The Black Sea coast of Batumi is being actively built up with high-rise buildings - residential and hotel complexes, as well as apart-hotels.
According to various sources, about a hundred thousand apartments and suites in buildings under construction are currently on sale. Basically, we are talking about investment housing.
Wyndham Residence Batumi and Alliance Centropolis are the standards of investment housing in Batumi, bringing good income to apartment owners.
Investing in Batumi real estate is not only profitable, but also simple - foreigners do not even need to come to the country for this. The procedure for registration of premises in the property by proxy can be passed by a representative of the developer or broker X2 Realty.

In addition, the largest Georgian developers managed to cope with one of the famous local problems - the endless postponement of the deadlines for the completion of objects. Today in Georgia, in general, they build quickly, efficiently and on time. Is this not an indicator of the effectiveness and reliability of investments.
Experts of the X2 Realty brokerage house will help you make the choice and purchase of real estate in Georgia truly comfortable. Agency services are free for the buyer and are fully paid by developers.
Since this practice is a well-established business tradition for Georgia, the possibility of a broker's interest in the sale of certain objects is excluded.
X2 Realty office located in the tourist part of Batumi.
X2 Realty brokers receive a commission only if the buyer is completely satisfied with the purchase. Many popular developers offer our clients additional discounts and preferential installment terms, the possibility of remote showing of objects is provided, a free tour to Georgia is available to buy real estate.
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